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Shop--Industrial Arts--Industrial Technology--Now "Technology" (Read why)

Schools today need a solid "Introduction to Technology" course implemented in order to address, and meet the Standards & Benchmarks in Technological Literacy, and the National Content Standards (.PDF format) for Industrial Technology now called Technology - to encompass the vast array of other Technological fields needed to be implemented in our schools. "I highly recommend reading information on Technology posted on this website to see how the curriculum has changed and answer your questions on what is Technology".  This course will open students eyes to see that Industrial Technology is only a part of Technology, and begin to explore and broaden their understanding of the scopes of Technology.  "Introduction to Technology" should act as a feeder program for Industrial Technology, Technology, and Engineering courses, allowing students see what is out there, and than pursue the direction that interests them. 


Teachers Need to Enforce Proper Terminology of Technology and due away with terms "SHOP", and "Industrial Arts" Implementing New Technology Curriculum

Technology should not be confused with education technology - the use of technical equipment to enhance one's educational teaching strategies

WHAT IS TECHNOLOGY? ---Technology is the current name for what was known as shop, industrial arts, and industrial technology.  Technology  Educators today are trained in college in a vast array of technology, with an engineering technology background.  The philosophy of "Technology" is to no longer just teach trades but to include the teaching of current trends in the technological world we live in, preparing students for the current job market now, and to come. 

Technology definitions -

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    char offruits vegitables presentation skills Human innovation in action that involves the generation of knowledge and processes to develop systems that solve problems and extend human capabilities.
  • The innovation, change, or modification of the natural environment to satisfy perceived human needs and wants.
  • The process of using objects (tools, machines, systems, and materials) to change the natural and human-made (built) environment.
  • The conscious, purposeful actions designed by people to extend human ability or potential to do work.

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WHAT IS TECHNOLOGY LITERACY? Technology Literacy is being able to use an apply methods of innovation, creativeness, and engineering principals, and put them into an application and use it to demonstrate skills and knowledge of materials and data to efficiently solve problems, and troubleshoot applications. For a copy of the "Standards for Technological Literacy" Click on the Link (.PDF Format) These standards have been written and designed to ensure that we as technology educators are teaching the current curriculum that is tested and proven to produce Technological Literate Students.

  • Having the ability to use, manage, assess, and understand technology
  • Having an understanding of the core concepts of technology
  • Having an understanding of the relationships among technologies
  • Understanding the role of troubleshooting, research and development, invention/innovation, and experimentation in problem solving
  • Understanding of the nature of technology
  • Understanding the abilities for a technological world
  • Understanding of technology and society
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    Understanding of the designed world
  • Understanding the design process
  • Having the knowledge to design, develop, and utilizing technological systems
  • Being capable to apply technological processes to real world experiences using up-to-date resources
  • Click here to see a more in depth layout

enanosenanoshombres enanos cojiendo tetonas videoshombres enanos cojiendo tetonas videoshombres enanos cojiendo tetonas videos Another program that helps implement Technology Literacy is PLTW (Project Lead The Way) offering multiple engineering courses in the high school, and a Gateway to Technology program for the middle school level. 


hombres enanos cojiendo tetonas videos Teachers Need to Enforce Proper Terminology of Technology and due away with terms "SHOP", and "Industrial Arts"

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cuetec thunderbolt specifications So many times we hear talk about shop, or Industrial Arts which sends a negative, and wrongful image to our students and the public, working against what we as Technology educators are trying to teach.  We need to correct this, because as we teach Technology we broaden a students vision and understanding of the scopes of Technology.  When those in the education field use the term "Shop, or "Industrial Arts", they take the students view of Technology back to a very limited, and trade specific male predominate program.  Technology is the opposite of that today, and we are seeing more females take initiative in Technology than ever before.  This change does not take place if it does not have the support of the public, teachers, and administrators.  Technology is the correct umbrella in which Industrial Technology, and all other Sub-Categories of Technology fall (see Sub-Categories of Technology above). 

The worst case scenario: If the schools view of the Technology Program is "Shop, or "Industrial Arts" they typically think of a program that is what the term implies preparing students for a limited trade specific career attracting students that are only bound for a 2 year technical program. What happens than, is only the students with those interests are funneled in to the program which will in the long run decrease numbers and make the program again predominately male driven.  If this is the vision of the public and the school, than what programs do you cut when district funding is not available? Technology however, is not just for students interested in a 2 year technical program.  Most Technology fields today are actually more of a 4 year driven program in which students can receive college credits in the fields of Technology while in high school were an up-to-date Technology program exists. So if a Technology program is looking at getting cut from the perception of what it is not.  TECHNOLOGY is what students are loosing out on,  one of the most beneficial programs for students today. 

When a student's scope of Technology is limited to "Shop, or "Industrial Arts", they than loose interest in the field far to early and at a crucial learning stage.  Students are than thoroughly unprepared for college level Technology, and thus turned off to the field before they have the chance to experience it as a whole. Not only does this put our students, but also our society as a whole, at a huge disadvantage in this rapidly growing and extremely important field.

One of the ways we can better prepare students in Technology is to offer an Introduction to Technology course as the foundation course for the program acting as a feeder program to other Technology, and Engineering courses. 

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chicas com conos mucho peludos Because technology includes emerging technologies, biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, engineering design, technical systems, and engineering principles. The term shop, or industrial arts does not give credit to those avenues in Technology. Technology students focus on problem solving, creative thinking, management skills, and design, while learning how to weld, machine, and construct along the way.  You wouldn't call an engineering, biotech, or emerging technology class - shop, nor would you call a project management class shop. Current technology teachers are working at bringing in a more diverse group of students into their department. For instance there are many grants available for the development of women in technology.  Typically women are a small percentage of the students ratio in a shop, or industrial arts program.  However, in Technology program women make up 50% of the class.  I have worked in an up to date technology program, and have seen a major difference first hand in the attitudes, and diversity of students. 

Implementing New Technology Curriculum

Implementing new technology curriculum is a imperative to the education of our students, our future leaders, and workforce.

Through implementation of new technology curriculum our

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youtube krayzie ft chamillionaire ridin musique country can maintain a competitive technological advantage. However if we continue to ignore teaching about technology and innovation and start cutting programs in the so called traditional shop classes with no concept of what technology really entails in the classroom how can we maintain superiority as a technological leader. Our country must teach and emphasize the study of technology beyond its use as a delivery system for other subjects. As technology plays an increasingly important role in our society and affects our everyday existence, our ability to understand, use, and manage it in our daily lives requires that it becomes a significantly supported educational initiative rather than one ignored by legislation. Fortunately, the groundwork has been completed with help from our nation's most prestigious science and technology agencies. The important step in progress is the realization that our technological superiority and affluence as a nation will not continue unless our populace is educated to take advantage of the opportunities that now exist.

“Technology in communication, construction, manufacturing, and transportation will continue to change at a rapid pace... If this is the plan of American industry, technology education teachers must plan to make changes. They must plan to make the curriculum reflect society today” (Bjorklund, 1988, p. 121).

In order to really implement and put in to action the National Standards brought forth by the International Technology Education Association, and Technology for All Americans Project, developed with funding from the National Science Foundation, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.  Technology needs to supersede "shop" and students need to have an Introduction to Technology course available.

Technology education is coming to the forefront as problem-solving curriculum that provides many more activities of a more complex, higher-order nature in a shorter amount of time. Even students with poor reading skills are excelling, and absenteeism is a thing of the past.

There are many schools across the nation that are evolving their curriculum from a traditional Industrial Arts / Industrial Technology setting to a Technology education classroom. Industrial arts classes tend to be more of a hands-on approach where you are teaching certain skills using tools and machines. Technology education classrooms tend to provide breadth of different types of technology and technology concepts while implementing the discovery of tools and machines.

Many schools will use a modular type classroom to teach the Technology education curriculum. By using modules, students obtain a breadth of different technologies.  Introduction to Technology will allow students to receive some modular activities with conjunction with Technology Lab based projects. Students in this class will also receive online curriculum assistance, with audio and video instructor tutorials.  For the students who are fast pace there will be exploratory & research activities in advancements in technology, and career opportunities. 

With this course present students can choose whether they want to take courses in how to build wood working projects, repairing small engines, engineer problem solving or take courses in the newest technologies available.

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