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Technology, Engineering, Innovation, Design, & Problem Solving

Courses offered with Mr. Howe
7th Grade Technology 
Ordean East Middle School
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8th Grade Design & Fabrication
Ordean East Middle School
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Manufacturing & Fabrication
 Denfeld H.S.

Curriculum is provided online for students to access, some assignments will need a username and password to access as they are password protected. To access daily lesson plans click on links at top of page.

So what is Technology?

What is Technology Literacy?

Technology Content Standards

WHAT IS TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION? ---Technology education is the current name for the evolved curriculum that was known before as shop, industrial arts, and industrial technology. Technology Educators today are trained in a vast array of technologies that prepare students for careers in technology, engineering, trades, & industry. Technology educators are also getting opportunities to add engineering, and engineering technology to their background. The philosophy of "Technology" is to no longer just teach trades but to include the teaching of current trends in the technological world we live in.


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So what is Technology?

  • Human innovation in action that involves the generation of knowledge and processes to develop systems that solve problems and extend human capabilities.
  • The innovation, change, or modification of the natural environment to satisfy perceived human needs and wants.
  • The process of using objects (tools, machines, systems, and materials) to change the natural and human-made (built) environment.
  • The conscious, purposeful actions designed by people to extend human ability or potential to do work.

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WHAT IS TECHNOLOGY LITERACY? Technology Literacy is being able to use an apply methods of innovation, creativeness, and engineering principals, and put them into an application and use it to demonstrate skills and knowledge of materials and data to efficiently solve problems, and troubleshoot applications.

Standards in Technology Education include:

  • Having the ability to use, manage, assess, and understand technology
  • Having an understanding of the core concepts of technology
  • Having an understanding of the relationships among technologies
  • Understanding the role of troubleshooting, research and development, invention/innovation, and experimentation in problem solving
  • Understanding of the nature of technology
  • Understanding the abilities for a technological world
  • Understanding of technology and society
  • Understanding of the designed world
  • Understanding the design process
  • Having the knowledge to design, develop, and utilizing technological systems
  • Being capable to apply technological processes to real world experiences using up-to-date resources